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We have a Grain Father

As a moving in/wedding/everything present, we bought ourselves a Grain Father to enjoy in our new house.  (Or more correctly, to make beer to enjoy in our new house)

Finally unleashed from our compact rented kitchens, we were looking forward to the opportunity to work with all grain brews.  With most of our brewing books still packed up in boxes from the move, we headed online to BrewDog’s DIY Dog.

Firstly we wanted something easy drinking – All Day Long, a “prototype” 2.7% mild seemed to suit.  Neither of us had drank it before, but it ticked all the boxes and the grain bill looked interesting.

Grain bill (for 23l):

  • 2.4 kg pale
  • 1.4 kg cara
  • 0.4 kg munich
  • 0.5 kg crystal 150
  • 0.2 kg dark crystal
  • 0.2 kg rye


  • 25 g cluster at 60 mins
  • 9 g cascade at 15 mins
  • 9 g cenntennial at 15 mins

OG 1034  FG 1012  ABV 2.9%

The original recipe called for 250 grams of dry hopping, but after tasting a perfectly nice, traditional mild we decided not to go mental.  So that’s what we ended up with – a fairly traditional dark mild.

The colour is pitch black and the taste is dominated by the darker malt – the taste is actually dry and chalky.  There’s no real hoppy flavour in there, as you’d expect.  There may be a hint of astringency, but that is somewhat expected for the style.  It beats a lot of mild ales that I find in pubs!  (At least when fresh – one of our open kegs has gone slightly stale, but that just opens the way for old fashioned beer mixing)

It was fun to play with the Grain Father and finally do all grain in a reasonable batch size.  We predominantly brewed partial mash recipes before, and we would have struggled to make a malty beer this well balanced.  I think we’re also both happy that we didn’t go for the 250g of dry hops – maybe one for a later experiment (or not).

Based on this alone, we’re pleased with the purchase and at time of writing we’ve had another couple of brews on the go.  For our second beer we decided to stick with BrewDog and make something mental for Christmas – Cocoa Psycho…




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